Naomi Osaka (Netflix.) “ Honesty“ VS PR.

It’s rare that this writers passions for tennis and media reviewing cross over. Here is a rare example. Off the back of her Netflix documentary, it’s a good chance to have the Naomi Osaka conversation. Osaka is unquestionably a great player and 90% of the time a fantastic ambassador for the sport. Then the 2021Continue reading “Naomi Osaka (Netflix.) “ Honesty“ VS PR.”

Finding The Way Back. Review

In 2011 Director Gavin O’Connor made the MMA drama Warrior starring Tom Hardy, Joel Edgerton and Nick Nolte. Nolte received an Oscar nomination for best supporting actor and it was one of the best films of that year. It was also the kind of project showcasing the fact O’Connor was a very capable filmmaker andContinue reading “Finding The Way Back. Review”

One Man And His Shoes. Review.

How much can you expect a potential audience for something to have seen a very recent incredibly acclaimed very similar piece of content. (in this case a TV mini-series. )This was the question this critic was faced with after watching One Man and His Shoes. This feature documentary focuses in large part on the impactContinue reading “One Man And His Shoes. Review.”

My Wimbledon Experience and The Championships Place Within British and Tennis Culture

I sat down to write the first draft of this piece at around 11:00 AM on Monday 29th June. Traditionally I’d be sitting down in front of BBC Two and seeing the reassuring faces of Sue Barker and her team of pundits as they look ahead to the opening day’s play at Wimbledon and discussContinue reading “My Wimbledon Experience and The Championships Place Within British and Tennis Culture”