The Night House. Quick Review.

In terms of recent horror releases NiaDaCostas spiritual Candyman sequel is the film that has got all the buzz and platforms as of recently This watcher wanted to flag up a better film that is not getting the platform it deserves. The Night House is a slice of modern supernatural horror starring Rebecca Hall. SheContinue reading “The Night House. Quick Review.”

If You Enjoyed Love and Monsters Check Out The Co Screenwriter And Story Developers Directorial Pandemic Release Spontaneous

Here is another case of a US pandemic VOD release eventually finding a home on a UK streaming service. In this case Netflix UK. The film itself sees Dylan O’Brien and his dog travelling across a post-apocalyptic Earth to find his girlfriend (Jessica Henwick.) Along the way, they encounter some original monster mythology and expensiveContinue reading “If You Enjoyed Love and Monsters Check Out The Co Screenwriter And Story Developers Directorial Pandemic Release Spontaneous”

Willy’s Wonderland. Review.

Let’s open up this review with a hypothetical. You are a filmmaker. You managed to produce a fully funded debut feature with a bankable star. Caveat. The premise is entirely meme-worthy and could be seen by Internet culture as nothing more than a joke. What do you do? This critic imagines that at some pointContinue reading “Willy’s Wonderland. Review.”

Possessor (Uncut.) Review.

No beating around the bush with this one. For fans of extreme cinema, Brandon Cronenberg second feature is an absolute joy. Starring Andrea Riseborough as a body-swapping assassin it’s a gloriously gory, unbelievably stylish splatterfest that represents all the core elements of solid genre film making in 2020. There’s just enough substance in the coreContinue reading “Possessor (Uncut.) Review.”

Gretel and Hansel. Quick Review

This distinctly feminist take on the Hansel and Gretel fable from director Oz Perkins is the very definition of style over substance. Gorgeously shot in a 1:55 1 aspect ratio on an aesthetic level in really commits to presenting a modern take on established fairy tale and folklore. How individual viewers feel about the filmContinue reading “Gretel and Hansel. Quick Review”

Spontaneous Quick Review.

Have you ever seen a film this is undeniably taking all those ideas from several very well established genre playbooks but can arrange them in such a way that feels weirdly original? This was the question this critic was faced with wealth watching Spontaneous. Katherine Langford and Charlie Plummer play two teenagers whose love storyContinue reading “Spontaneous Quick Review.”

Truth Seekers (Amazon Prime.) Review.

At this point, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are so well established in the field of British comedy. They could do anything and it would have an audience. This is despite most of the work they’ve done outside of collaborating with Edgar Wright ranging from mediocre to embarrassing. No audience should have to sit throughContinue reading “Truth Seekers (Amazon Prime.) Review.”

Lovecraft Country. HBO. Review.

HBO’s Lovecraft Country arrived on the genre TV scene to massive acclaim. This was based on an opening episode that is not only one of the best of this year but recalls the heights of the best HBO seasons of recent memory (the opening episodes of Westworld and The Night Of.) It combined elements ofContinue reading “Lovecraft Country. HBO. Review.”

The Haunting of Bly Manor. Review.

Mike Flanagan’s take on The Haunting of Hill House is one of the best individual seasons of the streaming era regardless of platform. The ending wasn’t everything it should have been but the journey combined emotionally impactful interpersonal drama, superbly atmospheric direction and several breakout performances from the large ensemble cast. Thankfully the season wasContinue reading “The Haunting of Bly Manor. Review.”

Back To The Cinema #1. The New Mutants. (It Finally Came Out.)

Depending on who you ask The New Mutants is either the punching bag or sympathy case of the superhero film world since that initial trailer dropped on Friday October 13th 2017.Initially envisioned as a more horror focused spin off within the Fox X Men continuity its three year journey from that first teaser to theContinue reading “Back To The Cinema #1. The New Mutants. (It Finally Came Out.)”