Cinderella (Kay Cannon 2021) Review.

The week this new incarnation of Cinderella was Released on Amazon a video went viral on Twitter. Co-star James Corden was doing one of his manufactured flash mobs for The Late Late Show with fellow cast members. That’s not the important bit. There is a site everyone who has been unfortunate enough to see thisContinue reading “Cinderella (Kay Cannon 2021) Review.”

The Pixar Pedestal+ Luca Review

The work of Pixar Animation Studios is one of this writer’s great passions. Very few would argue with the run of Golden age classics. These run roughly between the releases of Toy Story (1995) and Toy Story 3 (2010 ( depending on how individuals feel about the original Cars.) Since then Viewers will acknowledge theyContinue reading “The Pixar Pedestal+ Luca Review”

Wish Dragon. Quick Review

This Chinese American co-production was a big hit in its native country before being acquired for international distribution by Netflix. Normally the kiss of death for live-action features. They have a habit of inflicting the blandest features possible on an unsuspecting streaming public and sucking out whatever life they may have had Less so withContinue reading “Wish Dragon. Quick Review”

Sweet Tooth. (Netflix.) Review.

Let’s be honest. Most big-budget Netflix shows are unbelievably mediocre. They have some gems ( Mindhunter, GLOW, Daredevil The Dragon Prince, Sex Education S2). Stranger Things remains strong. The Lost In Space remake is mostly fun. They gave A Series of Unfortunate Events the adaptation it deserves. Entertaining trash (YOU) Some stuff that well fineContinue reading “Sweet Tooth. (Netflix.) Review.”

Peter Rabbit 2. Who Is This For?

Director Will Gluck has spent the seven years leading up to his Peter Rabbit sequel making two of the worst family films of this generation. Annie (2014) was a disgustingly autotuned, cringe-inducing embarrassment. It should be a black mark on the careers of all involved. His first Peter Rabbit film may be among the mostContinue reading “Peter Rabbit 2. Who Is This For?”

Tom and Jerry. (2021) Quick Review.

Tom and Jerry is one of those timeless properties where a creative team only need to get a few things right to be successful. The protagonists have to be silent. That needs to be some solid slapstick set pieces that homage the character’s roots. You’d think that in 2020 these would be easier to pullContinue reading “Tom and Jerry. (2021) Quick Review.”

The Mitchell’s vs The Machines Shows the Universality of Great Family Entertainment.

As an adult viewer, I often get asked why my favourite film medium is animation. It’s simple really. Animation allows fiercely creative individuals to potentially create something that is both wonderfully artistic and potentially universal in its appeal. There’s no better feeling in the media viewing world. The Netflix pandemic acquisition (from Columbia and SonyContinue reading “The Mitchell’s vs The Machines Shows the Universality of Great Family Entertainment.”

How on Earth is Disney’s Streaming Mighty Ducks Reboot… Kind of Good

In 2021 all streaming services are in the business of nostalgia to some extent. The most blatant in this regard is Disney Plus. The mouse is fairly shameless as to what properties they will bring back for the sake of nostalgia dollars. The majority of Disney’s original streaming content beyond big marquee titles simply isn’tContinue reading “How on Earth is Disney’s Streaming Mighty Ducks Reboot… Kind of Good”

A Lukewarm Defence of Robert Rodriguez’s We Can Be Heroes.

Robert Rodriguez has one of the strangest careers of anyone for his relatively high level of fame within Hollywood circles. Looking specifically at the type of kids movie he typically makes it’s very easy to point and laugh at his hyper earnest wish fulfilment narratives. It has not grown or evolved in the last 20Continue reading “A Lukewarm Defence of Robert Rodriguez’s We Can Be Heroes.”

A Christmas Gift From Bob. The Benefits of the Streaming Release Model for Films.

This critic is a huge fan of the theatrical experience. Given the choice, it’s the option he will always take for new films over any sort of convenience. Cinema provides a good opportunity to escape from reality for a couple of hours. It allows viewers to get out and around supporting what might be (Continue reading “A Christmas Gift From Bob. The Benefits of the Streaming Release Model for Films.”