Gretel and Hansel. Quick Review

This distinctly feminist take on the Hansel and Gretel fable from director Oz Perkins is the very definition of style over substance. Gorgeously shot in a 1:55 1 aspect ratio on an aesthetic level in really commits to presenting a modern take on established fairy tale and folklore. How individual viewers feel about the film will depend entirely on whether this sense of style it’s enough to paper over the cracks of a very thin narrative. Sophia Lillis does the best she can with a script that has its narrative backbone in some rather overbearing narration. Her brother played by Samuel Leakey will great on some viewers who aren’t already turned off by the films relative lack of ambition in anything that beyond the very style stick focused presentation. That said the style alone was more than enough to engage this critic. The film certainly has an audience that could well make it a cult curio of the future. It’s certainly worth the recommendation if viewers are interested in seeing some stunning cinematography and excellent visual direction throughout. It’s the sort of material purpose-built for fans of the One Perfect Shot Twitter account to marvel at without having to experience the film’s lack of substance on a narrative level. If this sounds like something a viewer might be into they may well get something out of it.

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