Lockdown Streaming Reviews # 3. Lost Girls. (Netflix.)

Amy Ryan stars in this very well-meaning but incredibly thin true Life Netflix drama in which her and her two daughters (one of whom it is played by Thornton McKenzie from Leave No Trace and JoJo Rabbit) look for her other daughter who has gone missing under mysterious circumstances. It’s quickly revealed there’s something darker going on.

Ryan’s performance is solid and the film is in no way disrespectful to the tragic elements of the story it depicts  but once the darker elements come in the film  resembles an after-school special that a teacher might show girls of the right age so that they do not go down the path discussed (and briefly shown) in the film.  At 95 minutes the drama only scratches the surface of its themes and is incredibly dull as a result. Considering the tragedy of this story the people involved deserve a better dramatization than this.


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