Disenchantment. Part 2. Review

Matt Groening’s latest series landed with something of a thud on Netflix in 2018. It wasn’t awful and the final two episodes suggested much stronger things were to come but it was certainly nowhere near as good as it could have been. I’m sad to report that Part 2 mostly doesn’t live up to that promise. It’s got a very odd structure with the first half focusing on the more serialised storytelling hinted at the end of the first part and the second half going back to the more episodic structure of the first 8 episodes. The characters are decent enough (although some people will find but Nat Faxons Elfo annoying) but mostly this season just isn’t very funny. The occasional joke lands but it’s mostly just frustrating to watch a show that has shown some potential spend these 10 episodes almost entirely in third gear. This Part ends on a cliffhanger but given the relative (and deserved) lack of buzz for the series Netflix might regret giving the series a guaranteed 40 episode run if the first 20 are anything to go by.


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